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Engine restore oil


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What I can recommend and swear by is Slick50.
on a trip in South Africa, the Petrol pump attendant checked the water without being asked on my BMW 320 E30 which was new at the time,and did not replace the cap correctly, I was too stupid to understand that a temprature gauge that shows zero is not necessarily broken.
I was towing a trailer with camping gear and two 500cc Scramblers on it and essentially drove that car at high speed for in excess of 450kms, let it idle for 1/2 an hour while I used the lights to erect the tent, and only heat seized on the way to the pub.
realised what had hapened, walked down to the pub leaving the car in a supermarket car park,,topped up and bled the system the next day, changed the oil, drove it 450k's back and sold the car 210,000 k's later.

since then every car I have owned has had Slick50 in it at least once , and I have been extremely lucky with all of them.
No FI at all, but I am seriously in love with that product.

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