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Engine Problem With My GT6 Mk1


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Over the last few months my GT6 has been having problems with its carbs. Firstly the fuel inlet valve broke ,which was replaced. I then noticed that there was play between the butterfly rod and the carb casing and the air piston was sticking. This was causing my car to backfire very loudly under acceleration (Or so I thought). Also when this backfire would happen the engine would completely die. As such I got myself a set of reconditioned carbs and I managed to put them on this weekend.

All was going well while I balanced them up and adjusted the mixture. The car was reving freely and was generally running better than ever. I took it out for a small drive (didn't go above 30 mph), got back and made a few small adjustments and decided to take it out again but this time on some roads where I could take it up to 60 mph.

Everything was going fine until I had another backfire (which was nowhere near as loud as the previous ones) but this one was while I was doing a constant 60 mph. Again the engine died (putting the clutch in may not have helped this) however this time the engine started a lot quicker then the last times.

There are only two things that I can think of that would cause this:

1.I haven't set up the carbs right
2.I have a sticking exhaust valve on one of the cylinders.

Has anyone else had this problem on there car or know what it is that is causing it as I don't really know what is wrong with it  :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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this is probably not correct. but on my spitfire when i went up to about 60, i would sometimes get a big back fire, and then cut out and would start in 5 minutes. and it turned out just to be the rubber tubeing that goes into the float bowl was perished and leaking so fuel wasnt gettign to one carb.

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rotoflex wrote:
Check the ignition points.

Yes, thinking about it checking the ignition does make sense as that would causing all the problems im having. Thanks  :) . I'll report back once i have done this but hopefully changing points, plugs and condenser will fix this.

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