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Engine swap - advices needed


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I am new here and want to see if I can seek your advices here. Please inform me if this is not the right forum.
I have a Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1968 in very good std shape. I however want to swap the engine and I have found 2 engines, but if you have any good ideas on another engine, feel free to advice. I just know I want much more power.

The question is however: "What engine to choose?"

- 3.9 L V8 from Range Rover 1992 with the 5 gears manual box. I just need to find the "tube" or what it is called, the part of the gearbox that is in the rear/end of the box. Because the Range Rover is 4x4 I will not use the middle transmission (4x4) and that leaves me with the gearbox and a axle out of it and nothing to close it with and connect with the cardan to the rear diff. Where can I get this "tube"?
I can also get this engine with automatic transmission, will that fit better? I would think this solution should be easier, but I am not 100% sure.
Is this engine a good choice? Will this engine fit my car? Is it the same size as the 3.5?
Will I have to do some modifications to the body? Obviously I will have to make/fabricate the engine monts etc.
Can I buy a chip and raise the power above 250 hp? I find the hp figure rather low or appr. 200 hp. I can get this engine+box for a very good price...the clutch should be very strong in this engine I am told, is that true?
Is the space for the bellhousing+gearbox big enough?

- V6 3,5 L VQ35 engine from the 2003 Infinity.(Nissan), This engine is 265 hp as std! It weighs only 313 lbs and I must say I am very keen on this one. I will however need flywheel, gearbox and clutch, etc. Or I could find automatic gearbox. This engine did come with auto. I would think it should fit, but it is 60° while the Rover is 90°, so I simply dont know yet if it will fit better then the Rover V8. I can buy this engine for a good price as well as the V8, but here I need to add for flywheel, clutch, gearbox etc.

Rear diff.: I will also have to consider replacing the rear diff. Any good advice's are most welcome.

Brakes: Is it necessary to upgrade the brakes? This is a very light car.

I really would appreciate your thought on this, as I know some of you have done something similar.

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

PS can anyone help my finding:
- Car Cover
- Seats that "are lower" and will fit the Spitfire, as I am a tall guy ;)
- As I don't get many parts here in Iceland for my Spitfire  ;), I would appreciate any info on good suppliers...

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The 3.9 is physically the same size as the 3.5, obviously bigger bores, the cylinder heads are alot better on the 3.9, it used to be a simple power upgrade to fit them to the earlier 3.5.
As for power, I think it should be enough for the spitfire, depends on what your planning to do? It doesent matter how much power you have if you can't get it on the floor!

As for gearbox, the range rover box will be no good, as they have a transfer box for the 4wd in the range rover, so will be no good in a 2wd set up, plus the gearing will be all wrong.
You would be better looking for a gearbox from a rover SD1, or better still get a conversion plate and use a ford cosworth type 9 gearbox, or 2L ford type 9/Sierra xr4i box. Or even go for a TVR box, they use a rover v8, Whatever you use, you will need a modified propshaft.

The rover v8 with carb's/injection is quite high, although I have seen a green spitfire with rover v8 with standard bonnet, perhaps someone on here knows who it is, there are also others on here fitting v8's, so do a search and look at there stories for help.

As for the Nissan engine, I'm afraid I can not help you as I don't know about it.

Even though the spit is light, I think you will defenately need to upgrade your brakes, and the standard rear diff will not cope with the extra power from those engines, because when you have a more powerful motor you will defenately use it!

Post up some pictures of your car, we like to see pictures!  :)

Thanks and good luck

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You will get lots of answers from people up in arms at your plans!

Putting a RV8 into a Spitfire is a major job, possible but not quick.

Have you considered putting a Triumph 6-cyl in if you want more go?

Fairly simple (all teh parts are on the shelf so to speak) and stick a Gt6 bonnet over the top.

Fit a 2.5PI if you want a bit more go.

Or a Ford Zetec is getting easier to do as other people work out the snags.

150hp is out of teh box, more is easily possible.

Changing the balance of the makes a big difference, a big heavy engine up front can make it unpleasant to drive, so the Zetec has plenty going for it.

And yes, you will need vastly better brakes (and bigger wheels to go round them) before you do anything.



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Too nice and too few good MKIII 1968 a round to mess around with so I would agree with Colin's comments a 2.5pi the engine/parts are easy to get and easy to fit the 3.5 Rover lump will be a big job to fit. Plus the Triumph engine will be a quicker fit. :)

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