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Hight from chassis to the top of the engine/valve


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Help anyone, please.
I need to know what space I have under the hood/bonnet for the engine I am going to use in my Mk3 Spitfire. Can anyone measure the hight from the upper edge of the chassis to the highest spot on the engine/valve cover (1300 cc) for me?

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bobyspit wrote:
the standard engine from chassis to top of the rocker cover is 19''
Although you have 20.5''

What you fitting?

(this for the MKIV Spitfire )

Thank you very much, good man! Is it much difference for the MK3?
I am fitting a 2006 Hayabusa engine, and using from Dynojet, Power Commander, GiPRO and Quick Shifter. I have been searching for someone who has done this earlier, but no luck. So it seems I am the first to do this in a MK3 Spitfire. If however you or anyone else, know of anyone, please feel free to inform me ;)

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If your fitting a bussa engine you will be the first, (unless anyone can correct me?)

it will be interesting to see how you manage the transfer of that power to the rear wheels.

Size of the engine and gearbox in the bussa is smaller than the Triumph unit, the trick will be getting the gearbox of the bussa between the chassis rails.

PS photos always go down great on here!

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Lots of tips and advice from the kit car guys.

The busa engine has been used in many type of cars, caterams, westfields, lotus seven types, old style mini, etc etc.

There a great motor, plenty of power and high revving.

What's your plans for it, track car, fast road racer etc?

Those motors kick out some power as standard, and are easy to upgrade, will make the spit lively, but do you plan to do some weight removal, to make it lighter.

And as Rob said, please photo's!


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Yes, there are few tasks that need solving ;), but I am getting there.
I can post pictures here as I proceed.

Can anyone do my a favour and confirm that the hight for the standard Mk3 engine from chassis to top of the rocker cover is 19'', so in all I should have 20.5''


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