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Engine oil pressure


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Fitted an oil pressure gauge to my spit and wondered what you thought of this oil pressure. Not the original mk3 lump but a Mk 4 1300 that has been in the car since I bought it 10 years ago. Car goes well enough. With the engine up to temperature at idle around 8,000 rpm oil pressure is about 15 psi, at 30mph it is 40 psi and at 70mph it is 60 psi and stays at around this pressure. The engine has always felt strong with no rattles, what do you think?


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I assume you mean idle at 800 (not 8000!)

But those figures are fine. I think the range is 40-60psi when running. The idle is not too far off either.
Not sure what oil you are using, there are pressure benefits to higher quality oils. If you are concerned (i wouldn't be)

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