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Spitfire engine valance templates?


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I know this is not a straight forward thing to request but does anyone have templates (on paper maybe) of the engine side valnces for 1500 spitfire?

I recently obtained a sheet of polished stainless steel and hope to use to make engine and radiator valances for my car - if I can find a nice way to cut it so as not to burn the edges  ;)

If anyone has a drawing of valences andr or dimensions. Could you get in touch?

Many Thanks

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Scott, you can use the Hammerform technique in the same way as the bulkhead/sill protectors for the radiator valances to avoid snipping the aluminium at intervals along the curve. You will be able to achieve a really nice 15mm flange on a  flowing curve.

It makes a really professional job particularly when they are powder coated.


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rotoflex wrote:
There's this:


measurements are not correct  >:( >:(
Here is info from website:
AB = *" (i am presuming this to be 1"??)
AC = 10 *"  
AE = 8 1/8"  
AF = 16 *"  
EG = 6"  
FH = 6 *"  
DI = 7"  
IJ = 3 *"  
DL = 16 *"  
DK= 16 *"  

But if
A-F = 16"
D-L = 16"
That means the intersecting line F-K/L is 90 degrees and not as shown in the diadram. >:(

Can anyone take a couple of measurements for me so that i can get this angle correct?
Many Thanks

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