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how to time my engine?


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Set the static timing, if the car isn't running to about 8 deg BTDC. Put the groove in the pulley at the 8 BTDC mark. Your rotor should point at #1. Turn the distributer til the points just open.

For more tuning, I start the car and warm it up. Then turn the dist. til it runs best. Reset the idle. Take it for a drive. If it pings on accel, turn it back a bit. Done this for years on many cars.

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gt6878e wrote:
sorry bobbyspit i thought the idea of this forum was to be able to get help and advice from people who've actually done the job.........
sometimes haynes get it wrong you know

Your right mate, but Haynes is a basic and it wont get a simple thing like timing wrong.

If you want a manual I have a spare, pm me your address and Ill send it.


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