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testing engine temperature


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hey i have a mk4 spitfire fitted with a 2.5ltr straight six from a triumph 2500,
the temperature guage in the car quite quickly starts to read a almost on the H and yet upon opening the bonnet the engine doesnt seem particularly hot and the engine smells about right and definitely not like its boiling (or just shy of boiling) i have flushed the rad and the full system replaced the thermostat and fitted and electric fan to boost the crank driven one.
so in the hope that its the guage giving me the wrong information i have managed to borrow an infra red laser thermometer and am going to test the car to see whats going on,
can anyone tell me what places to test the engine and also what sort of temperatures i should be looking for?

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The thermostat should open at 82 degrees (or poss 88 if a winter version is fitted, not needed in a GT6 really) so a radiator temp of 80 something when hot, not over 100 certainly at the top of the rad.

also, is the fuel gauge over reading? if so the voltage stabaliser, which feeds both gauges, may be faulty.

Likewise, there are 2 types of temperature sender, who knows which is fitted if it has been changed.

Other ideas will follow, probably better than mine ;)

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Well that's just what I was looking for. In fairness the fuel gauge is pretty useless as well I ran out fuel with it reading a quarter of a tank so quite possibly that will be something to look at as well but I will still test the engine temps as I have borrowed the thing might as well use it lol.
Thanks for the help mate.

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