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Engine stand mounting bolts?


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I'm about to invest in an engine stand for the garage. What bolts are required to fit a Spitfire engine to the basic type of stands with adjustable brackets sold on ebay and all the major parts suppliers? If anyone know the appropriate dimensions I could get the bolts before I get the stand and have everything ready :)

I'm buying something like this ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380517714610?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 )

Also what bolt holes on the rear of the engine is the best to use, I have seen some discussions about the backplate being at risk of being bent from the weight of the engine if these holes are used?

I dont plan any major work on the engine at the moment, want the stand for a general cleanup (degrease and paint) and also need to take the sump off to fit a new gasket and arrange for something welded inside the pan to stop the oil pressure loss on heavy braking cornering. Later this summer I hope to start building a brand new engine for the car and then the stand will of course be used again but for now mostly cosmetic.


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Like so...

Nick_Jones wrote:
I've got a 6 pot block hung on an engine stand right now.  What I've done is made an offset plate that picks up on the engine mount pad (as used on GT6/Vit/TR6) so that the block is mounted sideways on with the engine stand pivot point pretty much in the centre of the block.  Easy to spin to whatever position and both ends of the engine are left free.  Less load on the engine stand this way at the weight of the block sits much nearer the pivot point.

Bare block weighs about 70 kgs, short engine about 120 kg.


Here's the thread, http://club.triumph.org.uk/cgi-bin/forum10/Blah.pl?v-post/b-TechnicalChitChat/m-1341003046/q-19/.

You'll have to scroll down a bit for the part about engine stands.

Edit: just released this is a Spitty engine, they don't have the same mounts at 6pots do they? :B

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Raising this thread a bit again. I purchased a stand (should arrive in a few days) and trying to find images of Spitfire engines mounted but without success. If mounting it in the backplate holes where the bellhousing normally attaches can the flywheel and/or clutch then remain on the engine? I really don't plan any more work than some painting and modifying the oil sump so the less things that has to come off the engine the better (at least for this time...). Any images of engines mounted using the backplate would be very appreciated! I assume its best to use the bolts closest to the block to minimise the stress on the plate?


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I use an old, spare backplate.   While I think that is the best way, unless you make a plate to suit, like Bradley's side mount.     I would never use that back pate again, in case it had become twisted.

Yes, the flywheel has to be renoved and refitted later after the engine comes off the stand.   Some will also keave the rear oil seal housing until then, but if you cut a bigger hole in your backplate that is easily done, on stand.

And yes, I have a set of bolts specificly for the stand backplate.  I'd never use those either in a running engine!

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