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Decoding engine number


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I wonder if anyone here can help me decode some numbers on my engine. Since I'm in the preparations of a frame off restoration today was the day to remove as much auxiliaries from the engine as possible before lifting it out. First the gearbox went out (supporting the back of the engine on a iron bar resting on the frame) and then after taking of the flywheel and backplate I found an odd little aluminum plate bolted down with lots of numbers. It was placed at the top of the rear of the engine just behind the backplate.

The aluminium plate reads:
RTC 2459R  00608T
ADH 124

The block seemed to have been decked so I cant see all numbers on the top (just where the head goes). I think it says F?3534745 (some numbers were almost impossible to read since they have been partially shaved off. All I know is that they most definitely not match the number in my registration document...

The side of the block (dip stick side) has castings in the block reading:
BIL                   567553
STANPART    2      23B7

Taking off the rocker cover I couldn't find a single number except the number 5 cast in between valve 4 and 5. I thought the typical Spitfire head would have casted numbers clearly visible when taking of the cover or do the rockers need to go away before anything can be found?

Any input welcome! :)


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