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GT6 engine / bits for ebay, how much should I ask?


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Ello all! Not having sold a GT6 engine before with all the bits attached I'm unsure what I should ask for it! It's complete with stomburg carbs and manifold, delco remy dizzy, 4spd box. All in good nick and was running ok when removed (I upgraded a tad!)
.. all it's missing is the shiny alloy rocker cover and one stud under the cover which we popped on the new engine as it was missing both app.

The mechanic said it could maybe do with a decoking and carbs tuning up but other that that he thought it was a good runner.

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well, it was running good oil pressure before removal, altho as said a decoke would be a good idea (as it's out anyway) and a carb tune up, I could have done it but saw somethingwith a little more poke to drop in and got carried away (no surprise there)

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Buying a second hand engine is always a gamble if you haven't seen / heard it running and haven't had the chance to do a compression test etc as you are trusting the vendor's description - and prices reflect this.
£50 for a heap, £150-£200 for a claimed runner, £300+ for proven runner (seen running etc).

Known reconditioned are worth more, but even then struggle to command what they are probably worth as the only way to prove the condition is a full strip down.

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I'd echo what's been said.

I paid £50 for a 'core unit' for rebuilding, and then I've sold a running engine (but not demonstrated) for £120. I've also sold a fully rebuilt A+ series engine for £500!!
I'd suggest (and so would recent ebay activity) that a used engine and 4speed 'box would be around the £150-180 mark.
If it was an iover-drive box that would add another £50ish imho

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thescrapman wrote:

Apart from the A-type Stag boxes, they are under £100 apparently...

I'm still waiting, just tell me where to go to pick them up from ........ :-)

Me too. Who ever thinks they can be had for less than £100 is sadly mistaken or has been extremely lucky in finding a very cheap source.

Here are a few that have sold on ebay recently.


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