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Engine and drive train swap for Spitfire


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Has anyone put a GM 2.0Lturbo ecotech angine/trans/differential in a spitfire? With a performance chip, it's about 300HP, 340 ft lbs. Should be light enough to not over come suspension. I'd probably have to minitub it to put some meatier tires on back

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looks like you are in the US, so you may find more help from the US Triumph sites. Over here there are a few engine conversions, but 300bhp is very rare. In fact 200 is...

Sorry I can't be of any more help, I am planting a na 1.8 Zetec engine in my spitfire, with a target of 160bhp. That will give the diff cause for concern. Plans are afoot for a subaru diff, but if you are able to chop the chassis around (we struggle with what we are allowed to do) then there may well be better solutions.
Whatever you do, keep us informed :)

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Hi dln7111,
               There are a few conversions knocking about on here at the mo. However not with the ecotec. I have fitted a sigma 1.6 (zetec SE) engine in my spitfire with a type 9 box. It should have 140bhp I guess. There are two 1.8 zetec conversions happening with type 9 gearboxes and a guy useing a K series with a type 9. As Clifty says 300bhp would be a bit mental but I would like to see the eco in a spitfire or gt6.

Let us know how you go on.


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If in the US, their is a guy in Texas that sells conversions for a number of cars.   A good friend and I used him for a complete kit to put a GM350 in a JagXJ6.  He has all the chips for how you want to use the car also.  You get complete instructions, problems you might run into and what will not mate up.

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Surely the world is waiting for, a Ford Ecoboost 1.0 Turbo engined 123bhp Spitfire, super lightweight car.

Big rumour going around at pres. that Caterham are about to introduce a Seven with such an engine very soon.

Suggested Spec:

Round tail shell
Fibreglass bonnet, or even better an alloy one
Fibreglass doors and bootlid
No bumpers
1/2 cage
Ecoboost 1.0 engine
Alloy Rad
Type 9 gearbox
Standard 3.89 diff
CV rear driveshafts c/w with adjustable radius arms
Canley big stub axles and alloy hubs and tubular wishbones
330lb or 480lb front springs
5.5J Split rim Revs (Not sure one can buy these!!)with 175/70 13 rubber

Possible luxuries:
Carbonfibre prop
Fibreglass rear spring
Fibreglass hardtop

I cannot get over how good this Ford engine is, did 2,000 miles in a Focus with one the other month, so good. Have not driven a better modern car with such good turn in and a handling/ride compromise. Exceptional car, possibly the best car I have ever driven. At illegal speeds, all one car hear is a minor amount of wind noise. The bugger still pulls and pulls as well as one heads up to the ton-by the way that drive was on a private road!

I drove 150,000 miles in my old ST, reckon the 1.0L car is a better car, more fun!

Oh yes, its British designed as well, all done at Dunton.

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