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RBRR withdrawals and refunds

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Just a quick note to explain what to do if you have to withdraw.

Please contact me by email direct, although contacts through any of the organising team or through the forum will work, it will be slower and will be easier to miss, so an email to chinn@ntlworld.com (or rbrr@clubtriumph.co.uk) is always the fastest most reliable option. 

I'll need to know your entry number and details of the bank account you want the refund to go to (account number and sort code). I cannot make split payments to crew members and I will only reimburse to the primary entrant - i.e. the CT Member in who's name the entry sits. All refunds are subject to the £50 admin fee as per the regs.

If you haven't already, don't for get to sign up to the WhatsApp announce group - contact me for a link or see previous emails. This group is for participants only and not friends and family so please don't share the link or post it in the forums - I will block unidentified joiners. The group is one way - it's not the usual WhatApp free for all, only the organising team will post in there and the posts will be on topic - RBRR related.


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Apologies recently withdrawn teams, we've had a change of admin in the Treasurers and a couple of refunds seem to have failed to get the the right person to be actioned. I think I have identified them all and new requests have been made so the new admin process should sort them now. So, if you have recently withdrawn and are awaiting a refund, give it until Friday and if you have not received a credit in you bank, get in touch with me with your team number and name so I can chase through.

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