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Can anyone identify this Lucas rear lens?

Ben Hutchings

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At Malvern on Saturday we got chatting about the rear lenses on early Spits and GTs and their tendency to snap off at the slightest sideways pressure. Someone found a spare lens in the autojumble so they’d have a “matching pair”. I assumed they meant one was the original deep ruby red and one was the repro lighter material, but no, the old an new were actually different parts: 


The one on the right is the ‘normal’ Lucas L672 lens, found on Spit 1-3 and GT6 1-2.

The left one… no idea! It’s L847 and so far the best guess is US spec (GT6+) maybe? It’s not the much more rounded (and better made) L549 found on early TRs, MGA, Morris Minor etc. 

Any ideas? 

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31 minutes ago, Martins Stag said:

It was me

Ok thanks Martin, it's hard to match up real life faces to forum usernames 😅, thanks for identifying yourself. 

It was a good spot, I think it was the only one in the autojumble unless others had been bought earlier in the weekend. I hope Pete doesn't throw the US spec one away, someone somewhere is bound to want it! 


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On 16/08/2021 at 22:00, Ben Hutchings said:

Ok thanks, yep makes sense from what I’ve seen too. So @Clive when you see Pete can you tell him? He might want to sell his spare on eBay for a few quid 😂

Pete has been informed. I expect it will find its way to me at some point to stick on fleabay (he does not do 'puters at all)

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