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GT6 / Early Spit rear lamp lens needed

Ben Hutchings

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Well… bum. I was messing about strengthening one of my rear lamps and managed to snap it (ironic!) 

Anyone got one or two old spare ones they can flog me? I’m on a budget at the moment so don’t really want to spend £££ on a new one 😑 Not too worried if it’s crazed or a bit cracked for now. 


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In my defence… I did it to one and the results were perfect! I found that the clay will cure at just over 100°C and the lens plastic doesn’t get soft until about 120°. But then the second one didn’t go as well and I left it a bit long and I think a small crack at the bottom caused a hot spot (or I might have put it higher in the oven 😬

Not particularly proud of myself. But I do have one good reinforced lens guv! 

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