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Road trip food?

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What's everyone packing to feed Monday's RBRR belly?


Not fully made my mind up yet, but I'm thinking lots of jerky, peperami, loads of water, electrolyte tablets and chocolate. I might even be naughty and pack some fruit.


I don't tend to eat a lot on the event, but like to pack too much. It'll just get eaten later at work.


To ease tiredness, I do strongly advise plenty of plain water and some electrolyte tablets or Dioralyte sachets. It works better than energy drinks and doesn't prevent rest. Percy Pigs or jelly beans are also favorites on endurance events to keep energy levels up.


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Mrs C will bake me some cookies but mostly we will be eating roadside junk 🙂 There will be a Tebay meal in there and perhaps some sweeties. Defo no caffeine for me although Nigel loves it. Plenty of water at all times.

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