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I have been looking at this question as I have to replace 4 very old 135x13 'retread' tyres on my 1200 convertible. I read somewhere, years ago, that the 135 tyre was the nearest to the 5.20 crossply. This has subsequently been discounted, I believe, as even the full profile 145 tyre is supposed to be a fractionally-less rolling radius than the original 5.20 crossply tyre. 

It would appear that the 145 profile tyre is the way to go on the original 3.5" rims.......with 155 being saved for the 'Estate' rim...ie. 4.5" one. There was never a 4" rim, was there?? Certainly Longstone Tyres recommend 145 tyres for the original wheels...

Before low profile tyres became the norm, tyres tended to be full profile which was '82' - full profile tyres now tend to be '80' - which is sometimes mentioned on the tyre casing, but usually not.....   

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