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Spitfire 1500 seat refurbishment

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Hi all. New owner of a 1500 spitfire 1981. Looking to refurbish the seats and wondered what is the most cost effective approach? Looking to replace foams and covers currently it has bounds tooth and vinyl beige. Any answers appreciated. Thanks

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15 minutes ago, Richard said:

Hounds tooth, sorry typo on first post as well!


They are original seat covers, Fitchitts are clearing a lot of trim, they are the best you will find.

As to foams, Park Lane classics have a good reputation. Or Newton Commercial.

Seat refurbs are not a cheap thing to do if you want a good result. But the seats are comfy when done... money well spent in my book

(and there is an edit option, click the 3 dots in the top RH corner of your post)

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I fitted park lane foams to my GT6 seats with Newton Commercials covers, marvellous, used cable ties not hog rings as suggested by Owen at Park Lane. All fine.

Only problem is that the foams are so good, I seem to sit slightly too high, resulting in a feeling that I am 'on' the car , not 'in' the car.

Money well spent and far better for these small sports cars than Mazda MX5 seats.

I have MX5 seats in my TR6, they suit the car better.

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