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Spit 1500 / FOX


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Worked on a german car, Fox to the rescue !

Friend of mine broke down, then starter failed and oil leak.

Had it towed to his local garage and friend of his.

I fitted a new Bosch starter and it fired straight up.

When ideling oil started to poor out...

New valve cover gaskets

Drove around for an hour.. big oil leak at the valve covers again, ffs ...

But now on the other side, fixed that again...

Next day we wanted to take it for a testdrive again ...

Refused to start, but sort of fired, like it was out if fuel, my friend told me it was the same as 2 weeks ago..

Ok.. had a think.. condensor !

Swapped that, fired back up like nothing, drive around for 2 hours.. no oil leak ! 

He was going to now use it for a few days daily to see how it goes.

Need to do some other jobs on it to.

But first a bit more maintenance planned on Fox.

Then I've been asked to look into why a Porsche 911 Sportomatic doesnt have a clutch anymore, it works with a servo/vacuum.. sound interesting..

Normally its a no, but its from the TR5/Dolomite owner I help out a lot for the past 7 years now (time fly's !).


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The german cars are still playing up.


So time to continue with british ones..


Noticed a crack in the rear gearbox mounting plate to chassis.

Welded it up for now.

Will look for another one.





So also did a gearbox + overdrive oil change + OD filters.


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Today fitted new front brake pads to Fox.

At the finish of the last 10 CR, i had some Mintex m1144's 'delivered' by Clive.

Due to brexit they became 3 tines more expensive here it you can find them..

Was currently running greenstuff pads and wasnt fully happy with them..

Fitted the Mintex and could feel the difference from even cold and not bedded in.

Its like having servo.



Tomorrow a +200mile trip to the 'Dutch National Triumph Day' etc.

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