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R-NES-RR 2021 (Not the RBRR 2014)


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As I mentioned over on the "What have you done recently or are planning to do soon to your Triumph? thread... after some hasty re-assembly of Binny the Dolomite on Monday we took a trip up to John O'Groats and back following the 2014 RBRR route (The Round Northern England and Scotland Reliability Run 2021!). But this time we took our time, stayed overnight in hotels and enjoyed the driving and beautiful countryside in the daylight at our own pace.

Early start on Tuesday morning (away just before 7am) we took the M62 from Halifax and then joined the A1M heading passed Weatherby (not a stop back in 2014!)


By 10am we'd made it as far as Carter Bar, no sign of Phil Charlton but the familiar rain was present (not heavy though this time!)


Back on the road we headed for Edinburgh airport, on this occassion we did a couple of laps of one of the approach roundabouts to get a photo but didn't venture closer to avoid having to pay parking fees!


Then the EPIC trek north up the M90 and then the A9 for what feels like forever. The 1850 engine+automatic gearbox is a great combination for this kind of driving, it just seems to eat up the miles.

Then the weather cleared and we stopped for a photo and fuel at Skiach Services (Arrived at about 3pm)


So much of the scenery on the run is stunning, but this next section up the east coast is probably my favorite, through Wick and on to John O'Groats, arriving at approx. 5:30pm. A long day of driving, but brilliant.


A nice meal at the Seaview Hotel some sleep and up early the next day for a photo...


Following the RBRR 2014 route along the north coast and then turning south we took the obligatory photo above the loch on the single track road


From there onwards to Conon Bridge arriving at just after 11am


Then it's down passed the lochs and through Glencoe


Finally arriving for our second over-night in Stirling, a shorter drive for day 2. (The haggis pakora at the King Robert hotel are amazing!)


Day 3... from Stirling to home was a more leisurely run, down from Stirling to Tebay


A few miles south of Tebay on the M6 we branch off the RBRR route and head down the scenic A68 passed Skipton towards home.

All in all a fantastic trip and really brilliant to take a bit more time over it and not have to worry about getting to sleep in the car and being able to see the wonderful roads/scenery in the daylight.

Just a couple of minor things with the car, but incredibly pleased at how she went. She needed an oil top-up at John O'Groats, but didn't seem to use much after that. The nearside bonnet hinge bolts worked loose, I probably didn't tighten them well enough during the last minute rebuild on Monday, so a brief hard-shoulder stop on the 3rd day sorted that out. Finally we stopped briefly on the A68 on the way home and after that the temp gauge started under reading... I'm suspecting the voltage regulator. 

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