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Triumph TR7 Parts


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As many of you my trusty Oporto Red TR7 YAC167X having completed many RBRR's & 10CR met its end in an accident last month while I was checking it for this year's RBRR. The body will be crushed, but many other parts are available and in good condition. Car has completed RBRR, 10CR and a C2C since then with no sigificant issues.

  1. Complete engine/gearbox/propshaft/back axle including radiator and electric fan. Engine was rebuilt 10k miles ago & gearbox 20k. £1250
  2. Black vinyl hood complete with frame and hood bag £125
  3. Head removal tool £125
  4. Spare engine (condition unknown, but useful for those missing/damaged parts) £25

Other items open to offers:-

  • Bonnet
  • Boot lid with MG Montego spoiler fitted
  • Air inlet scoop
  • Headlamp pods (pair)
  • 1 Pair of seats blue/check seats with decent covers (I suspect the covers are original since they seem more substantial than the usual replacements) , but could do with new foams and rubbers (These are from my replacement TR8 since I am swapping the rebuilt seats from the old car)

Collection only, and all items will be removed from car before sale. Unfortunately I have to quarantine for the next few days, but you can inspect the items live through a WhatsApp video call - PM me if you need my number.

I hope the parts are used for cars that are driven and not simply parked in garages!



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A lot of panels could be saved if anyone is interested, but they need to move quickly before the shell is crushed.

Panels that could be saved include, but would require to be cut off shell:-

Boot lid

Boot floor

Drivers side rear and front wings


Nose panel

I agree totally about the scarcity of panels, but sadly I don't have space to store them for myself 😞


PS my replacement S+S TR& V8 conversion is keeping my TR7 fix going. Just needs to be tweaked to my satisfaction


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7 hours ago, 1powerrack said:

Hi I am in Greater Manchester, Dukinfield




Shipping would cost more than the hood is worth so unless you can arrange a collection, don't think its viable.


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