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Hi All

Does anyone have a copy of a form suitable for collecting sponsorship from people who would rather not use the Just Giving site? I virtually doubled our teams sponsorship money last time in one afternoon by walking around the factory where I work, with just such a form. I started at one end of one assembly line and walked up and down all five lines. Hey presto😉 The problem is I can't find the form I used last time. Doh!

Here's hoping


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For ease, we have switched to JG pages, zero comission etc.

Can only suggest, you make one on excel and copy and paste CT logo etc. When finished, send a cheque covering the amount, plus the sheet to me and I will forward to MNDA. The total will be added to your total etc if you send to me, you never know you could win one of the three 2023 places awarded to the highest collectors...

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Okay Tim. 

I have found that some people will sponsor you if a pen and form is thrust at them, as its in the moment. Many will say I'll sponsor you on line (JG) when I get home but then life gets in the way and they forget to do it. Some are not PC savvy and too embarrassed to say so.


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