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RBRR 2021 - the feedback thread

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I offset this one and 2018, using a company endorsed by an environmental organisation I'm familiar with through ex-colleagues. Am personally a bit sceptical about the process but it seems to go down well with sponsors. In fact it was a sponsor who suggested doing it.

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On 13/10/2021 at 20:32, Tim Bancroft said:

Plenty to read and digest here.

I do not think we will be asking crews to prove their mechanical worth, not reasonable and a little unfair. We want to bring people into the Club and certainly don't want to encourage elitism. Back in 1966 I would imagine not many of the crews were mechanically versed, still maybe not as necessary as the cars should have been more reliable...........

Def agree that more women taking part would be better, however, this old car hobby is a very blokey thing, so whilst its a nice thought, I  cannot see the ratio changing. We did have two women crews taking part: Jess Cook/Steph Brake and Clare Pearson/Becky Whitehead. Experienced RBRR'er Katie Foreman withdrew on the eve.

RallyAppLive: We were delighted with it, this will feature again in 2023. Docwad, Francis' phone was the one registered, not yours. We hope that it will be able to be used in 23 when 'running in the background'.

We joined CT in 2016 specifically to do the RBRR, we’re still here and have never noticed a clique/elitist culture. In fact CT is the most down-to-earth club we belong to! Frustrated that we couldn’t participate this time due to my knee surgery but marshalling at Bude renewed the intention to do the next one in our rejuvenated TR3!

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On 19/10/2021 at 21:35, Tim Bancroft said:

We are actively talking to various organisations about carbon offset and it is hoped that the next RBRR and other CT events are offset in some correct manner. 

Surely the fact that the cars are old defrays some carbon? Mine is 64 years old, that must count for something. I’m sceptical about carbon offsetting and paying someone else to salve your conscience. Land near us has been bought uo to plant trees specifically to help businesses offset their carbon footprint. That’s lazy; they should try harder to reduce their own footprint not pay someone else to do it for them.

How many RBRRs can you do before your carbon credit has run out!?😜

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Being fortunate enough to have two V8s (MGBGTV8 and a TR7V8) I had to use an EV as my daily, now done over 110k electric miles in 5 years. Love the power of both V8s and Electric, and perhaps 110k electric miles offsets some of the CO2 of the V8s (probably done around 20k in the V8s in the same time period) but… the Club is right, we have to think about it seriously or all in the classic community will face increasing criticism.

Such criticism may be misguided in that the embedded carbon of manufacturing a new car, even an EV, is such that long use of the same vehicle is preferable to constantly making new ones, however old cars are a very visible and identifiable target for criticism. When offsetting for the RBRR, I used www.myclimate.org which was recommended on an ethical consumer website.  They enable you to calculate the CO2 that you would need to offset for a specific activity (e.g. 2000miles in a weekend at 25mpg) and give a choice of the project that your calculated donation will go to, which themselves save CO2. These projects are not just tree planting, but all sorts of positive programmes that are worth supporting. Tree planting is actually one of the least positive ways to offset CO2, as young trees absorb MUCH less CO2 compared to established ones. And new tree schemes also tend to be mono cultures, when we need variety for best ‘green’ results.  

Sermon over; come what may we would be much better to be on the front foot and be seen to be doing something rather than nothing, so I welcome the Club’s proposal to offset the big runs, and perhaps CT could encourage members to look to cover local mileage in their classics? 

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3 hours ago, TReslaV8 said:

Tree planting is actually one of the least positive ways to offset CO2, as young trees absorb MUCH less CO2 compared to established ones

Yeah….. but if you don’t plant them they’ll never grow up to be big trees…..


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