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First time I’ve seen one of these

Ben Hutchings

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Last week I received a pic of a mate’s new toy, and it took me a while to work out what it was having never seen one: 


Who knows what it is? 😬

He bought it having looked around for something Triumph or MG in the £2K range and coming up short.

We spent yesterday afternoon looking it over and starting to sort out some interesting wiring. There’s a healthy todo list but it start and runs well, and morale is relatively high 😅

Anyone know this car? Any other owners in the club? I’ll try and get my mate to join and come here for advice etc. 

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Well done all, good stars etc, it’s (apparently) a Malvern. Does anyone know if it came as a kit, or a build by Moss? Some of it looks kind of DIY (like the filler neck arrangement). I’m guessing it was a set of panels and the buyer supplied the chassis and all the loom etc. 

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