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inlet valve seats

tom horse

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 Hi, Has anyone had INLET valve seats installed in a GT6 MK1. Due to the  valves, inlet and exhaust, recessing into the head  the PO had put shims under the rocker pedestals, otherwise there was no adjustment possible. I've had the exhaust seats done to convert to unleaded, it was while reassembling the engine I realised why they had used these hand cut brass shims, the inlets had recessed as well or perhaps they'd been cut to match the worn exhausts. Either way, the engineering company reckons they can't put inlet  inserts in, as there isn't enough metal. If they try they'll have to cut into the water jacket. If anyone has had it done I can let them know it is possible.


 Thanks JMM


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I have seen a 6 cyl head with double inserts on one cylinder only, I think to address a crack between the valves.  It’s not an easy job for sure, but should be possible. If this is really what is needed I’d be considering another head.

Are you sure the inlets are recessed, not typically a problem on inlets. Got any pics? Where do the valve faces sit relative to the roof of the combustion chamber. Should be a couple of mm proud approximately.

Big skim making the pushrods too long, or just plain using the wrong pushrods could have the same effect. 


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