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Spitfire 1500 Badge (not sticker) US Ad


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This is probably common knowledge but while rewatchintg John Clancy's DVD "The Triumph Stabnard Stroy"  I noticed in the ad with the real Spitfire the 1500 has a badge and not a sticker.

See attached.

It is roughly the same as the MKIV badge bot my guess is longer as the Spitfire part looks the same bot 1500 is of course longer than MKIV.

I couldn't see it on the side or back like on the MKIV in the video but it all goes by quickly...

Perhaps interesting....?


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That "Spitfire 1500" badge was fitted to US Spitfires when they got the 1500 engine a year ahead of the rest of the world. A friend of mine put one on his MkIV with a 1500 engine (and, IIRC, a US bonnet). I don't know whether it persisted for US market or whether they got the stickers along with the rest of us.

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