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Looking for Inlet manifold > carb mounts.


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That is the only confirmed source for decent TR7 new mounts unless you make your own (like Beans). I think all the NOS and decent used ones for sale have long departed to the great rubber heap in the sky & the replacements from the usual suspects have a reputation of failing after a very very short period, so not to be recommended. Steve Wilcox at S+S used to supply a metal version, but since he has closed the business down not sure if he still is able to supply them. It may be possible to contact him through Facebook as he is still active there.


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5 hours ago, BrianLytle said:

Morning, I've got a TR7 and wounder if anyone has the mounts between the inlet manifold and the carburetor.

If tried various place like Rimmer Bros, Robsport to name a few, there are currently on back order.

Any help would be appreciated 



The new ones, as said above, are very poor. I may, just may,  have some used ones, probably original but well used.

I ended up making some, a bit "ghetto" and done with a holesaw then drilling the mounting holes/counterboring all done on a pillar drill. Then cut with a hacksaw.

Better option is to buy some from the TDC, same as sprint items. 

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