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Missing my Triumph

Darren Sharp

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Must get my car out this weekend! Olaf has been stuck in the garage since the RBRR. I’ve been fettling a Herald 12/50 that’s been dormant since 1996 for my girlfriend Wendy and we have got it through an MOT . The Flying Log has gone down south to Essex to be fettled with the hot spanner’s . More on that soon but I’m missing my driving a
Triumph fix ! 




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Ah mate me too. I walk past it every day thinking "I'll drive you soon" and it's been about a year now.

The barriers to driving are:
Finish tarting up the wheels and get the new rubber on which is sat waiting. 
Remove fuel tank to get to pump to replace its filter, and then replace all the hose with R9 which I have (or is on it's way!).
Free up one or more rear wheel cylinders.
Insure it! 

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Me too. It's not been Spitfire weather any time I've been going anywhere; the GT6 hasn't been fully reassembled after repairs to a body mount (advise on last year's MOT, this year's is overdue...); the Vitesse isn't properly back together after all the wheel arch and door skin repairs (two years now).

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Just now, Velocita Rosso said:

Sam,,,,get your wooly hat on  

I'll happily go out with a thick coat and a hat on and the roof down (I've driven back from P+P at night in winter with the roof down!), my good lady wife on the other hand has a clear idea of what constitutes "Spitfire Weather" and what doesn't. 


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