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Mabel’s Dizzy Spell

Darren Sharp

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I’d thought for a while that Wendy’s Heralds rough running and restarting problems might be points/condenser related but I was un prepared for the weird curveball she threw me yesterday . On Close examination the points were completely knackered with a divot on one face and a raised ‘nipple ‘ on the other . I managed to drop the condenser retaining screw twice , once of the floor , in the dark eventually finding it caught in the chassis and then into the body of the dizzy . I removed the top plate screw and fished it out ok but there was also a flat washer retaining the points which must have slipped down the gap whilst I was getting the screw out . All fitted up with a new cap ( what a pain with a DM2)  car started and ran beautifully . Until it started making a clicking noise . Shut it off and lifted the cap . No damage so checked the cap was seated properly and started her up again . It ran silent for a minute then the distributor span 90 degrees and the engine stopped . Plug no 3 sheered off as it was hit by the revolving Dizzy ! Closer examination revealed the washer had jammed the dizzy bob weights and no lasting harm was done … at least Wendy learnt how to do static timing ! … new electronic dizzy and 25D domed lid with sensible leads and a new coil on order … it was planned any way as there is play in the bush of the DM2 . 

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