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Breaking Spitfire Mk2


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Hi, I'm breaking a Mk2 in Sudbury.  Many, many parts available ranging from junk to restorable to excellent.  Some free, some priced accordingly.  I'd prefer as little as possible to go to the scrap yard but I need to get it out of here. 

I bought if for the following which I will keep:

Rolling chassis, seats, bumpers (though I do have a few to get rid of), and door glass.  

Please watch the video (it doesn't show everything), and if there's something you want or don't see feel free to ask or text!  The pics are just a sample of what's here as it is a complete car.

+44 7309045541














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As an addendum to the original ad, here are a few prices and condition to go along:

Sold: Wing finishers, gearbox, OD, steering column

Pending: Door handles/locks, Mk2 HS2 carb and intake, steering wheel, 

Engine: £100.  I would plan on a full rebuild, however after close inspection to the running gear it appears this may be a very low mileage car.  The engine turns at the crank but the intake had been left off.  Likely salvageable, especially for interchangeable parts such as the crank, bolt-ons, etc.  

Drop window mechanisms inc. handles: £100 for the pair.  Only need window channels and rear guides for both sides.  Good condition overall.  

Full set of running lights (brakes, indicators, etc.): £50.  Untested but cosmetically in very good condition.  

Boot lid, frame and all hardware: £50.  All range from decent to very good condition.  A couple small but very repairable holes in the lid itself.

Hard top glass (£50) and plastic (£20)

Mk3 HS2 twin carbs missing a few bits but mostly complete: £100.  Inquire for condition/pictures

Mk2 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold: £20.  Rusty but very solid.  A shame to let this go to scrap if someone can clean it up.  Seems to be missing the last inch or so.

Other cheap parts include insulated gearbox tunnel w/steels in good condition, dash 'H' support, radiator, bonnet catches......

• Bonnet, wheel arches with frame and stay (wings perished, center section fine; frame and stay in good condition)
• Tub and rear section with decent sills (lots of good metal; could be used to make patches)
• Partial set of triumph letters
• Fuel tank (rusty but very solid, may be restorable)
• All sheet metal not listed


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Posted (edited)

Good morning,

A fresh bump for the advertisement with an update, and if you don't like the price please make me an offer.

All I have left as far as big things are the chassis, full suspension and rear diff; now available for sale as well as the engine.  I'm asking £300 for the rolling chassis.  

The chassis is in great shape overall.  Minor surface corrosion comes off with a wire brush.  Only a couple little spots need repaired.  Same goes for the diff.  I have good information to suggest that this was a very low mileage car.

The engine is as before; it had been stored with the intake off but does turn at the crank.  Still have the boot lid and frame (£30), bonnet frame (£20), steel hardtop w/glass (£100) and some small bits such as indicators.


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