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Fitting electronic ignition

Darren Sharp

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Dear all just a bit of knowledge I’ve picked up when fitting various triumphs with electronic Hall effect ignition systems (Accuspark Etc) 

be very careful to check whether your Triumph has a ballasted coil . 
If you do then do not connect the red wire from the dizzy to the +VE on the coil …. It will kill the sensor unit because it’s voltage sensitive. If you have a ballasted coil or a ballast resistor in the circuit then you need to wire the new distributor (or stealth type unit ) to an ignition controlled 12v supply . The wiring diagrams supplied can be confusing (or in some cases just plain wrong) . Heralds are all 12v systems so no problems it’s just black to the CB (-) side of the coil and red to the SW (+) side but make sure your coil was wired the right way round to start with ( Yes they will still run if wired backwards) . For Dollies , some 2000’s and Mk 4 Spitfires you will have a ballasted system which means the coil voltage is only 6v on start up and the Hall effect systems need 12volts to work and will go pop if you try to feed them 6V ! To complicate it even more Some of your cars will have been altered to a 12 volt unballasted coil . Be on the safe side and if in doubt find a 12v direct feed from the ignition switch and take the red wire from the unit to it directly. Some clever people can even add a fuse which can give additional safety and a handy means of disabling your ignition when the car is unattended . 

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