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Michelotti's original design?


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Whilst catching up on my reading, I came across an article that mentioned the Hino Contessa. The article itself was interesting but not as much as the pictures!  Designed by Michelotti in the 50's, early 60's, a lot of its styling features were surprisingly familiar!



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I initally thought so too after your comment, but looking at one now, I'm not so sure.  The 3 box shape is as far as the similarity goes for me with the front/rear/doors etc being rather different!  I did wonder if the Renault design also came from Michelotti, but Google reveals it cam from a Philippe Charbonneaux!

Picture credit marktplaats.nl via Pininterest.

Reanult 8.jpg

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True, but doors, arches, side windows, bumpers differ.  

For me, I see front lights, bumpers/overiders Mk1 2000; door and side window shape and swaging, arch shapes 1300FWD/Dolomite; rear arch swage and rear end profile from the side Mk2 2000 🙂

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