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Hi we have I guess all had Ellis mail re dashcam's.

It came a bit as a shock to read that you are not allowed dashcam in Austria so I have been reading up a bit.

I just bought an Actioncam to film our sheniganing. 

It would seem that filming for touristy purposes is not prohibited (info is 4 years old however) but that they take an issue with privacy of filmed persons and property. so basically you would seem to be allowed to record that record breaking assault of the Silveretta but not film that B@@@y tourist that brakes before every corner and causing traffic jams.

This would make sense as I can see a lot of bikers with action cams on their helmets

Anyway, to each his own etc and dont blame me if you get fined 10000 euro's!

Googling I came across this thread on BHP it has nothing to do with dashcams but they are filming a jag on the GrossGlockner pass. Just to make your mouth water!





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I think they have in fact withdrawn that now Howard, you can own / possess one in Austria without an issue... it's as Dirk says, a minefield of what you are using it for - the simplest advice I can give to stay out of trouble is don't.

Portugal on the other hand... hung, drawn and quartered if you even mention the word by the looks of things!


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Not sure if that is correct.

I have looked up the rule on the ÖAMTC, the austrian version of the RAC, and they do not say it is illegal to own.

The whole discussion is that in Austria you are not allowed to take pictures of properties and persons without their consent, eg you are not allowed to install CCTV to monitor the street in front of the house etc, having a dashcam is as per their law a CCTV that is monitoring your property but without the consent of the civilians and thus not allowed.

You are not allowed to film for Surveillance, but you are for souvenirs and as long as you are not distributing it to youtube this is not a problem. If the persons filmed are only accessory (eg passing in the back ground) then you do not need any permission, if they are recognisable then you need their permission


With regard to the general authorization to carry out a video surveillance system, the basic authorization of a private client is based on his power of disposal over the specific area to be monitored in the individual case. Therefore, private persons may regularly only monitor those areas in which they have a right of disposal similar to that of a house; for example, your own house, your own garden or your own company premises. Such a power of disposal may arise both from a property right and also from a tenancy.

By contrast, in "public places" (within the meaning of § 27 SPG), only the security authorities are authorized to conduct video surveillance and their admissibility is governed by the requirements of the SPG (see § 54 (6) and (7) SPG). Since the camera mounted in the vehicle of the applicant would regularly and deliberately and comprehensively capture public space during the journey, the applicant already lacks the necessary "legal competence" or "legal authority" within the meaning of § 7 (1) DSG 2000.

End of quote

a bit further:


The surveillance is to be marked (§ 13 Abs. 5 DSG). This does not apply to holiday photos and for strictly time-limited processing in individual cases for covert investigation.


Having spend a few hours this afternoon reading up on it I now believe that an Action Cam to film the gross Glockner is permitted, However IIRC the road there is private owned so they might have other rules....


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Quoted from Tim Hunt-

Thanks for posting Dirk but for my money far too much focus on the drone and not enough on the Jag.

Well it was a post about drones from a film maker with a drone fetish who was really impressed by the drone they used and how it made filming much easier.

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