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Triumph Herald Locking Chrome Fuel Cap

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Looking for a Triumph Herald Locking Chrome Fuel Cap

My boy Harrison (16) is gutted that we lost the one off his Herald. The herald will be his first car.

He has done all the work himself.

Any help would be appreciated and anything considered


Mark and Harrison

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Hi and welcome. Locking caps turn up from time to time on the bay, just be patient. sorry but that's the best I can offer.

I have an original non locking on the car that I got off the bay and keep a locking one in the boot 'in case', in case of what I'm not sure 😁 that i also got the same way.

The car came with a locking cap but no working key, the cap just fitted as if non locking. It would probably cost more to post it to you than it's worth.

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Looks like a chrome one. I wouldn't say it was way over priced, like everything depends how keen someone is to buy it. I've found that I paid 37  Euros for one of my caps, I think it was the original non locking type.

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Hello Mike, Harrison, 

If it doesn't have to be locking, or perfect, Mick Dolphin has one listed as: 

"601761 - USED chrome fuel filler cap Her/Vit (chrome poor/pitted) - £4.50"

Might be worth a punt, I love a bit of patina on chrome personally. It's on the the http://www.mickdolphin.co.uk in the 'TSSC range' list. That website was probably built before Harrison was born! 😂

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