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What Have You Still To Do To Your Car

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11 hours ago, Rubce said:

Tim H

That is an interesting post of yours. I have been battling to eliminate the squeal from the Mintex pads on our Stag. It's that final stopping when in traffic etc which sets my hairs on end!



The Mintex 1144 in my Stag squeal but I don't really mind about that - they stop the car in all conditions, that's all I care about!

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15 hours ago, FloydP said:

Hi all, thanks for all the help, I think I might have a solution that means I get to use my original carb. It’s a bracket held down by the float valve, I’ll make it in 2mm aluminum which is the same thickness as the aluminum washer under the valve at the moment. I can’t think of any problems with it but would like opinions. The pictures are of a tin mock up I made early this morning.



This looks like a smart fix to me, good thinking! And sounds like it's working as well - what a save 🙂

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20 hours ago, Tim Hunt said:

No Paul, I find dust generation from the DS Performace pads is minimal. Low wheel dust is actually one of the features claimed for the product.


Thanks Tim, I think I might try these pads when my current ones wear out.

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2 hours ago, Howard said:


Chris Shaw is still hoping to convert his Tr7 Sprint to Miata engine in time for the RBRR. What about a competition to see who can get their car finished in time



I think mine may be easier... 

Manifold and home made plenum



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