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Fave You Tube Channels

Tim Bancroft

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Like many, rather than watch TV on the Beeb, Amazon, Netflix and Sky etc., I seem to spend pleasant time watching 'car' related channels on You Tube.

Some of them are truly excellent, obviously Bad Obsession Motorsport is a front runner, although their output seems sporadic, so here are my top five:

'Ivan's Shed': Bugatti expert Ivan Dutton's channel about off the wall motoring topics: 2 cyl A series engine, early Lotus Seven, Salmson etc. Absolutely brilliant. Watch with a cup of tea and a hobknob, a marvelous way to spend 30 minutes.

'This week with Cars'; Some chap called Steve in the midwest of the USA, who has a warehouse of mainly British cars, videos feature work he does on them, nothing too extreme is carried out. Got to say, his presentation style is very wooden, but nevertheless its a nice way to spend 20 or so minutes.

'Richard Michael Owen' Canadian garage owner who restores Jags, Richard is into the Concours scene, does sub contract stuff out, very very informative and although Jag restoration, a lot of the problems that he encounters (rust) are as those seen by Triumph fiends!

DR-Droolian: Ex pat living in Canada, not the most charismatic of people (He does seem fed up), but interesting stuff, maintenance and heavy duty jobs on MGs, Jags and Triumphs...not that much content, but worth a watch.

Steve Denton: A UK based channel, all Triumph content, basic stuff, but worth a watch. Presentation style is maybe a bit too humble, but well worth watching. He does some work on a GT6 mk1., my word its knackered!

Other channels worth a mention: Urchfab, Harry's Garage (Harry Metcalfe, ex publisher of EVO magazine, motoring trips are very good)), Hubnut, Cheftush (TR resto work), Jethro Bonner (Alfas from SA), Tyrrell's Classic Workshop (bit exotic), The Late Brake Show, Number 27 etc etc

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"This Week With Cars" is a favourite of mine particularly the stuff he did with Frogeye Sprites, since I've got one too and the "Will It Start" stuff with the two TVRs he has.  Always fancied the older TVRs since a guy had one in Lenzie where I grew up.  Sounded a real beast.

"High Peak Autos" is another I watch.  Some of the cars are a bit dull but he comes up with some nice motors that you've maybe had a guilty pleasure in always having a soft spot for them even if you'd never buy one.

"Planet Spitfire" is an old channel but no longer updated run by a guy called Paul Geithner, who has a little engineering knowledge as he's a project director on the James Lovell Telescope for NASA.  He gave me the inspiration for the wide stripes on my Spitfire after I found his channel donkeys years ago.  Always admired his green Spitfire.

One that a few here will have visited is our own Club Triumph channel.  I go there to watch RBRR videos.

I do spend a fair amount of time surfing for other RBRR videos too, some good, some a bit tedious.  Not a fan of going 1000mph up the A1(M) in the dark.  I like the Rowbottoms videos and also Howard's 2016 Start to Blyth and also Peter Raemens 2016 RBRR in his PeterR channel.

I also go to AdamC's channel to watch the various official and unofficial car meets.  He sounds a bit "Made In Chelsea" but he has a genuine love of cars and a wealth of knowledge that he shares with his viewers.  Even saw Andy Cook's GT6 in one of his videos.

Forgot to add "Harry's Garage".  His trip to London in his yellow Lotus Elan and his trips across Europe in Jaguars and a Lotus Esprit and his trip to the Sahara in a Ferrari Testarossa make this channel stand out.


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Starts off as a restoration.  Then there is some mission creep.  Quite a bit......

Dodge Viper V10.... obviously the ideal motorcycle engine.....

Or casually weld a couple of straight sixes together to make a V12, or weld a couple of extra pots onto 4......

Allen Millyard - nutter,  genius or both..... I love his videos, and I don't even like motorbikes much.  

.... and if you get hold of a couple of Pratt & Whitney aero-engine cylinders and pistons..... what to do with them?  If you are Allen you build a motorbike with them....


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Fantastic engineer this chap Nick, I've enjoyed several of his vids. I thought the V10 OTT plate was just for the airfield shoot but a quick check reveals he acquired it from the DVLA and re-registered the bike that was showing RX09 LVH on the IOM in 2012.


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I'm with Steph re the strange headlight switch arrangement on the 1300, shared with Herald/Vitesse and early Spitfires. Another Triumph idiosyncrasy is the two speed wiper switch on the TR4A, the first position gives what is optimistically called 'fast' speed and the second slow speed, for me the other way round would be more sensible, unfortunately it is impossible to re-wire the existing switch to achieve this condition.


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Bad Obsession 

Harry’s Garage (& farm)

Tyrrells Classic Workshop 


Fanatik Builds

Jethro Bonner

Late Brake Show

Number 27


Italia Autos

and just started watching Edd China’s new channel

That doesn’t include all the Military History and Aviation channels!

I must start getting out more.....

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Only just seen this since I last posted.

Here's the link to my channel:

Parknest - YouTube

Other car-related channels I'm subscribed to include Rusty Love, retrorestore, furiousdriving, Classic Britain, WatchJRGo, Mustie1, South Main Auto Repair LLC, Project Man, Pete C, Hooked on Classics, The Savage Garage, bodgit and leggit garage, Ronald Finger, Shrodingers Box, Car Wizard, Saving Salvage, DiagnoseDan,  BMW Doctor, salvage rebuilds uk, Aging Wheels, Vantage Point Video Garage, Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels, Hoovie's Garage, Sarah -n- Tuned and Tavarish

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18 hours ago, vitessesteve said:

Jade Muttley video no new content for a while but his Vitesse and GT6 rebuilds are well worth a look.

+1 for Jade Muttley, makes it all look so quick and easy! But I can't find his channel now... it's not in my Subscriptions anymore.. ?? 

From Jade Muttley I then discovered Trev's Blog, which is really useful for welding / bodywork stuff. And he's a good character on camera, which a lot of Youtubers struggle with.

I did try Elin Yakov / Rusty Beauties a while ago but found his videos too slow and the audio a bit patchy. Maybe I should give him another go

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