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My newly aqquired 2000 Estate

Callan Hyde

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Hi all, pleased to say ive had the fortune to be able to add a Mk2 2000 Estate to my collection!

This car was listed on facebook last week for those who may recognise it, it was parke dup in a garage in 85 and hasnt moved since. The garage roof unfortunately gave way and the rain has done its worst. Extensive welding required to front end but its doable. Its a shropshire car sold about 20 mins away from me and lived in my town its entire life, hasnt travelled far with just shy of 50k on the clock.

Being a 2000 auto, and brown i think its about as least desireable as they come but doesnt bother me. The engine is seized so im thinking of pulling the entire lot and doing a V8 conversion perhaps. 

I spent most of this afternoong freeing the brakes off and itll be getting towed home early tommorow morning by my saloon 😁











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16 minutes ago, RobPearce said:

As a friend said of my PI estate when they first saw it, "at least it's the plain chocolate brown"

You've got some work to do there.

Haha, i think i wouldve preffered russet given the choice, or just not brown at all but i cant complain lol

Its going to take some welding but will get there before long!

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