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Cosumph 6


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19 hours ago, Tim Bancroft said:


Looking much better now...some car that....still rather the 6 cyl car though!

Hi Tim,

Thanks.  It needed going through in detail, but pretty much there now.  CVB6H is a better balanced car, & CVB drives better, purely because it has been VERY carefully rebuilt with the best quality of parts/bearings, and screwed together by a proper old school engineer. YB power is fun, but not quite got the confidence in it yet, but that will come.  Further work required, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Had a productive day on Saturday.

320bhp tuning enhancement kit now installed on the TR6.  It has gone from producing 15psi peak, and holding 11psi,  to around 25psi, and holding 20. Lively to double lively best describes it. Still running a TR6 diff, with 4:1CWP and Quaife ATB, but not sure for how long ?


Kit comprised of:

·         Bosch Dark Green injectors (Ford RS Cosworth). Capable of flowing enough fuel for 350BHP.

·         3-Bar MAP sensor.

·         -31 wastegate actuator.

·         Denso Iridium IK27 spark plugs. Suitable for power levels from 250-450BHP.

·         Custom calibrated chip.

ECU chip.jpg

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1 hour ago, TRTOM2498 said:

Hi Martin,

The car puts the power down very well actually, certainly in the dry. However, in any other condition it is quite 'loose'. It is essentially a handful when pressing on, so you do need to be razor focused when in the armchair.



Too much power is an under-appreciated tool to extending the life of components. I'm sure making smoke has saved my diff a few times. If I could maintain grip I'd be fitting a new one every few months....

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Bit of an update. Turbo charger removed, and upgraded from a 2WD to 4WD spec.  Then more modern internals & upgrades inside. 270 degree bearing removed & fitted with a 360 degree bearing, which increases the reliability of the unit, & allows a safer way of running higher boost pressure. Thankfully the car came with a spare set of bigger injectors, as the current ones run out of fuel at 350bhp, which will be required for the new turbo charger.


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