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Yes! Saw that on their Instagram yesterday and was amazed. It’s a bit sad when a marque starts to become inaccessible for folks with ‘normal’ budgets. Especially one as down-to-earth as Triumph. 

When I got my GT it was 4k something (in 2005 I think, so that’s when we met Tim ☺️) and that was absolute top end of what I could get a topup-loan for at the time. 

I suppose there’s a silver-lining for anyone with a tidy Triumph they’ve had for years and they now want to sell. 

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Problem is, they’re all going up.

It’s not like you could swap your Triumph for something more exotic.

Shame for young people, but then I guess they’ll just have to buy an MX5 or something.

Which to be fair are now as old as my 1977 Spit 1500 was when I bought it in 2001.


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It’s inevitable, apart from TR5s and white Mk2 Vitesse convertibles, they aren’t making them anymore. 

That GT6 is nice but not that price nice. Like any market economy, the buyers will decide if it’s worth it. 

My TR6 is for sale, I’ll see what the market thinks it’s worth! 

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You would be hard-pushed to restore a GT6 to that standard for the money asked - to put it into perspective, Mathewsons recently sold a Mk2 RS2000 'barn find' - off the road for decades, probably 120k on the clock.......with a stoved-in rear, nearside quarter & a very rusty roof, for the same (or very similar money) as being asked for this GT6! Superbly restored cars will always attract a premium price.

The oil filler cap presents a discordant note - perhaps just a 'stopgap' - maybe the new one dropped off after not being fitted properly....or being defective, more likely if new replacement. Was the grille black originally - it doesn't seem to look right?? That said, that car looks superb & worth the money!    

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