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The Restoration of my DHC has started


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After being in my ownership for exactly 2 years I started dismantling the car today in preparation for some body work and a nice new paint job...


Should be ready (completely stripped incl. paint) for the body repairs by mid February.

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Quoted from Raider
...I enjoyed our trip on La Carrera in the car

Don't you worry, technically the car will remain the same.
As the mechanics are pretty much sorted I'll leave as they are.
Only the clutch needs sorting, as it still has a tendency to stick when the engine is cold.

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A closer inspection of the body shell did reveal some hidden horrors in the shape of some botched accident repairs ...
Outside view of the area were the filler is ...

Same applies for the LH front wing. Luckily no signs of rust here.

There is a little bit of surface rust on the floor, under the (now removed) insulation pads, but not much ...

2009-01-17 Passenger foot well.jpg

2009-01-17 LH floor.jpg

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