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The Restoration of my DHC has started


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Finished the first  stage of the restoration of my DHC this evening. Dropped the engine from the shell ...405345288_2009-01-28Motorgedropt.thumb.jpg.6f8e8f1f4f3f16a03435bccb794add82.jpg

... so it is completely bare now ...
Body will be send off for paint removal and shot blasting next Wednesday.

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OK, the 2nd stage of the restoration has started ...
Brought the body shell to a company called Giessen in Maastricht, to have the paint and the rust removed.
The shell did look a bit sad and abandoned, lying outside while they made room inside ...554321926_2009-02-04-03GiessenMaastricht.thumb.jpg.075c8d52dadb739a5c2f640cbabd4f9a.jpg

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Paint removed from the shell ...
The suspect areas have been lightly shot blasted ...



... revealing some nasty bodged repairs to the LH wheel arches ...

Will pick up the car somewhere next week and move here over to the body-repair-guy

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Brought the car away for the body repairs today, that stage should be ready in about two weeks ...

Quoted from stricky
looks a very thorough strip, will make a sound base for the new paint ...

Yes the body shell stayed in bath pretty long ...
Will be completely shotblasted and primered after the body repairs are finished though.

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Body returned home today after the body repairs.
Also brought the interior trim panels to a local car upholsterer.
And still found no one good enough and willing to prepare the body for painting 🙄


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Quoted from Raider

The car is going to look great tho when it's done Theo /static/blahsmilies/cool.png

I hope so 😉

Found some time yesterday to start on the most boring bit of the restoration, removing what's left of the seam sealant and under body protection.

And a few pictures of the finished fuel filler shroud ...


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