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What is going on with Just Giving?

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In the lead up to previous RBRR events it was fun to see how the donations were doing, but Just Giving have changed their system so there is no Club Triumph Summary page. Having eventually located a "Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run" page there are just 64 entries and of these 3 are duplicates and one is nothing to do with CT, so where are the remainder?

By now most entrants usually have created a page so I assume that this is still the case - so why are they missing and how will we know how much the club has raised in 2021 let alone be able to present a cheque at the annual dinner. Just Giving informed me that the information is not available...

FYI I have opened every one of the 64 listed entries and as of today the total listed is less than 11 thousand pounds, but with the missing 100+ entries it is probably nearer 25 thousand

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I have to say, Just Giving's "search" feature is utterly useless. If I type in the exact first four words of a team page's name, I would expect that page to be somewhere in the top 50 hits... but no such luck with the RBRR one.

Also, the "Share on Facebook" link from my page produces an error rather than a useful result.

It does all seem to be rather frozen but random. If I visit the RBRR main page I get more teams listed than Howard does but the total is a bit less.

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Just giving is still an utter waste of space. Totally uninteligible.

Having wasted an hour working out what to do, having arrived at the teams creations page, it wont complete and simply says "something went wrong".

Nothing i do gets me past this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I had problems too.

I created a page then linked it to what I thought was our chosen charity and it wasn’t. Didn’t realise that until it wouldn’t let me link to the RBRR event. Then had to delete that site and create a new one.
Not very intuitive site and search is appalling. Previous RBRR event came up when I was trying to find this years! 

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