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Indicators - Mark IV spitfire - help!

Sara D

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Just wanted to check out a little problem we have - any help most appreciated.  The other day (when unfortunately driving in the pouring rain) all of the indicators stopped working.  That includes the little light on the dash....  We have a triumph spitfire mark IV, 1971.  I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable, but have a techy friend who is!  I'm under the impression it's not the fuse, having checked.  Plus we don't hazard lights.  My friend reckons it could be a faulty "flasher unit".  That sound right?  And should we just check connections or maybe replace the unit - if we can find it!  :-/  

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Hello Sara,

my first impression was that the fuse is the likely culprit. I don't know if the indicators and hazards use the same flasher relay, if they do that is the next item to check. As neither side flashes it points to anything up to and before the indicator switch, in sequence, fuse, relay then switch plus all of the connectors\cables in that part of the wiring.

If you are sure the fuse is OK, locate the flasher relay and join the incoming and out going wires together, or bridge with another bit of wire. When you move the indicator switch left or right the indicators should come on but not flash. This proves the relay is faulty, if there is still nothing look at the switch.


PS, I just noticed an earlier post that may also help, 'no indicators\hazards.'

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