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Up engaging starter


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Hello all
I haven't posted on here in a long time.
I am currently in the midst of a restoration
My chassis is completed, suspension rebushed repainted. Engine rebuilt etc

I'm looking to try and start the engine soon
I wanted to see if u could turn it over before worrying about the fuel side
Which is where I discovered the new power lite starter motor appears to not engage with the flywheel.

I've spent a few hours on the Internet and on asked Facebook but not had much luck finding an answer

The only thing I have found regards having the spacer thinned at a machine shop.

What confuses me about this is I tried the starter with and without the spacer

Sorry for writing war and peace but I'm confused!

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Your starter is the "pre-engaged" type that includes a solenoid, the boson top of the motor, to throw the pinion into gear with the flywheel, unlike the original   Bendix or inertia-drive device.  There needs to be a connection between the starter cable terminal and the solenoid, which you appear to have, but before demo inv the gear box, take the starter off and bench test it.  You should see the pinion I've quickly back and the motor actuate, disconnect the white wire and it won't move or actuate.

With the starter out, you can measure how far the pinion needs to move to mesh with the flywheel ring, and see that corresponds with the actual movement.

John, in Rio

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hello guys thanks for the reply

i have removed the gearbox to see what was going on
at first it wasn't meshing at all then somehow started to, however it still won't spin up the engine
iv tried 2 different batterys
i have wired it up using just the battery aswel to ensure a good earth and live an still no joy

i have bench tested it and the pinion does throw out and spin

iv spoken to Rimmers who i bought it off, they said they would get back to me which they haven't so far.

thanks again

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yes the engine turns by hand
its newly rebuilt.
i think i may have been wiring it up wrong, but haven't had time to have a play last couple days

I'm considering doing away with the bulkhead solenoid an just wiring it up down at the starter, as iv been bridging the dud original solenoid

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Chek yer earths are good, lots of pent aint good for earthing things.

as weel as a  the adaptor, ye may need some of the OE shims
fitted between starter an backplate
Get some engineers blue, blue the starters teef up, an spin it
this,l give a good indication of where its mek,n contact.

see that wee wol on side of starter, fill it in, and drill another in the very bottom,
if ye dont, it,ll fill wid water, ruin all the contacts,
also, seal on the top, water gets in there too, buggers the motor brushes up.

see thread i did on it, tech sectionee.


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Actually Markus what I was referring to is that the top bolt of that starter is a pressed in stud necessitating that the starter MUST go in straight NOT POSSIBLE WITH THAT MANIFOLD. Stud requires removing and a slightly shortened bolt fitted from the back. How do I know this ? I have what used to be that same horrible manifold (now somewhat modified) and that same starter.


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nearly said aboot that bolt,

and when this is done, the need for a special ring spanna is a must have tool

it needs heated up, and bent to aboot 30 degs
this so ring end fits bolt heed, and shaft passes the bulk heed area
and can be moved aboot easily

and a MUST do, is to turn the signal wires holder  180 degs
dont, then yer holder, the wires will fry / melt
esp if giv,n it some stik

how doo i no this !!


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I have the same set up and yes it is blinking tight my spacer is 7mm thick also is your ring gear on the right way round, Yes I also saw the thread about the holes in the starter so mine are sealed and redialled, GT6s not sure what you mean is there another way to fit it ? mine is a Mk3 GT6

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