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hi torque starter

bob dunn

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simples, yer OE bigg wire, tek it to the big bolt
and the smaller activation wire to the wee,n

tiptoptip for ye

the small wire,fits in a plastic housing,  {well most doo }

tek the end cap off, 3 screws
undoo the bolt on the inside that odds it on
and TURN it aroond  180 degs, so is no pointing to exhaust mani

and also wire will go same way as bigg wire, much neater

NOTE, be carefull to get the contact inside totally flat.
AND also, there is a hole that on the OE set up for the car it was intended for
then this hole is at the side, this wol lets water in, and runs doonwards to the contact end,  corrodes /furr up the contacts and car wont start, just clicks
the soloniod, So seal it up, and drill another wol in the bottom, as it will sit ont car you got,
Also look at the front end, where its been machined doon, there can be a brek thru into the housing, agen resulting in wata ingress.


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Yep - the big terminal is the positive feed from the starter solenoid - the smaller terminal just need bridging to the larger one. The small terminal is for cars that don't run a solenoid, in which case this would be the activation wire (from the ignition switch), but presuming that you're keeping the original solenoid set-up, you just need to bridge them with a short length of wire.

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