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  1. That's gotta be a rare export only part or were injection cars ever sold in the UK?
  2. Remember, this is a lever to switch between clean fuel and the fuel with added crappy flakey bits of scale that settle in the bottom of the tank. It's a very simple mechanism, if you take the pipe out of the tank it's just a curved pipe. Leave it on 'main' and never got to 'reserve' unless you're confident your tank is clean 🙂
  3. I must admit to buying some cheap stuff over the years but the stuff that's lasted the best is some late 60s stuff from my Dad! He worked for a company called Garringtons I think and the 1/2 drive sockets he gave me have been excellent. I acquired a set of King Dick spanners in my early years, I think he may have bought them for me too, these have been excellent. The tool I've really enjoyed using is the Eastwood sand blaster cabinet - cracking bit of kit that I was given for free, having languished for several years unassembled in a mates work place. He liberated it from the skip wh
  4. I know it's a long way off and I know Europe generally hasn't yet made the vaccine progress the UK has but what are people's thoughts on travelling into Europe next year? I'm interested for the sake of the 10CR but also for other trips planned. My folks have a place in France that they were virtually living in but retreated back to the UK when restrictions came and have not been able to get back out there. I also had a route to follow some of the World Cup Rally route that I was planning with a few mates but that was canned for this year. I'm in no hurry to go abroad until virus is under
  5. Whilst we are between website 'back ends', changes are a manual process. Self-serve will be reinstated but I have said that this isn't a high priority at the moment because I can cope with manual updates and there are other more pressing things that need fixing (I may regret that but it seemed churlish to say it's a high priority). So, to get your entry changes send me a message through this forum and I'll up date it. For a change of co-driver in a multiple crew please tell me who's out and who's in. For an additional co-driver please hang on to that info - taking money is a c
  6. That made me think of this pic - many a true word said it jest!
  7. You can't edit your entry atvthe moment but I can 😁 send me your revisions by PM and I'll sort it out. J
  8. Just a quick note to explain what to do if you have to withdraw. Please contact me by email direct, although contacts through any of the organising team or through the forum will work, it will be slower and will be easier to miss, so an email to chinn@ntlworld.com (or RBRR@Club.Triumph.org.uk) is always the fastest most reliable option. I'll need to know your entry number and details of the bank account you want the refund to go to (account number and sort code). I cannot make split payments to crew members and I will only reimburse to the primary entrant - i.e. the CT Member in who
  9. For clarity - if you are showing as "reserve" it's because I haven't yet been able to collect your fees - everyone except those who have withdrawn, is on the running list. If you have paid and are showing as "reserve" please get in touch with a copy of your acknowledgement form CT and/or the line ion your bank statement that shows the payment - I have had a couple of transactions that were not showing (I suspect it's because as things changed over to the new web page I failed to catch them in the web page. Don't worry, everything was still secure, it's just that the web page got it's upd
  10. Good spot - bit of an ordering issue with entry numbers being our of sequence - they got allocated by time of drafting not time of completion of the entry so those who were unable to complete quickly often ended up a higher entry number than those who started the same time and were lucky enough to finish first. (I think!) Anyway, fixed now until I break it again 🙂
  11. One 'benefit' of doing it this way (which is how I used to do the entry list before it was on the CT web page) is that changes are instant and easily published. Might not be as aesthetically pleasing as I'd like it but for a quick lash up, it does what we need it to.
  12. Fair point well made. There you go McJim 🙂
  13. With Craig's help the temp Entry list is displayed here https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/rbrr/entry-list/ I'm now managing things manually so there will be a lag for changes to appear.
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