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  1. Mrs C will bake me some cookies but mostly we will be eating roadside junk 🙂 There will be a Tebay meal in there and perhaps some sweeties. Defo no caffeine for me although Nigel loves it. Plenty of water at all times.
  2. You don't, you ask me 🙂 I have to make any changes manually so just ask.
  3. Yes you can, you just need to pay first - I will send you a link to do this now. J
  4. Apologies recently withdrawn teams, we've had a change of admin in the Treasurers and a couple of refunds seem to have failed to get the the right person to be actioned. I think I have identified them all and new requests have been made so the new admin process should sort them now. So, if you have recently withdrawn and are awaiting a refund, give it until Friday and if you have not received a credit in you bank, get in touch with me with your team number and name so I can chase through.
  5. UPDATE The RBRR2021 Broadcast Group has been running for a few months now, I've had no complaints and only a little feedback so I'm still thinking it is a useful tool. We've got 167 users on the group so that means a few co-drivers are on there too which is great. As we get ever closer to the run itself, this Broadcast Group will be invaluable to get in touch with you quickly so I would encourage at least one crew member to join. If you haven't signed up, please send me a personal message here and I will send you the link. Once again, this is not a group for discussion or for telling friends and family anything, it's a straight RBRR entrant group where the only posts will be from the organising team. So far, we've averaged 1 post a week so, as promised, we're not spamming you with loads of traffic 🙂 To address a couple of points that have been made; If WhatsApp notifications annoy you, you can turn them off - click on the heading of the group and you'll see some settings including a "mute" option. Messages will still appear, you'll just have to remember to look at them because apart from a visual clue, your phone won't remind you. Full details here https://www.whatsapp.com/ It's not compulsory, if you don't want WhatsApp you will just need to come here to the Forum for your updates. You will run the risk of missing out on breaking news on the run. Finally, on the subject of this forum, have you tried it on a smartphone yet? Have a go, it's really rather impressive!
  6. Yes watched it last night, Binky has been many years in the making and I've watched them all! I only wish I had that attention to detail!
  7. Just a quick update on this, I've been away working and have a few requests to change entries outstanding, I'm working through them now. Please remember that although the websites had a nice big update, a lot of the RBRR stuff is being run manually, so things will take a little longer than usual.
  8. +1 for what the Scrapman says, never throw anything away until you're for the the replacement and fitted it! Reproduction stuff can be tricky to fit, of poor quality and just look odd next to original kit. You may also need the original as a reference. The car looks well worth the effort - good luck!
  9. Spoke to him today, he's in fine form. I'll see him in a couple of weeks.
  10. I'll be there as an exhibitor with WRX902H
  11. Apologies for my tardy responses chaps, I managed to turn off notifications so didn't see your requests - sorted now and order restored 🙂
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