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  1. TimW

    GT6 Clutch

    Thanks for clearing that up guys. So the GT clutch will be ok with the saloon gearbox then. I guess I'll just have to try it and see if it's man enough to take the power. It's all somewhat irrelevant now as I've had to withdraw from this years RBRR. My transplanted kidney has decided its not very happy so not sure what's going to happen in the coming weeks.
  2. Thanks for that Nick.
  3. TimW

    GT6 Clutch

    Isn't that only on the later TR's Clive? I'm sure I've read the TR4, 5 and early TR6 are the same as a saloon input shaft therefore the same as a GT6?
  4. TimW

    GT6 Clutch

    That's strange because in theory they are the same players as all the saloons. I have found a genuine Laycock friction plate that's listed as a TR4,5 and early TR6 then a separate listing for the same item suitable for 2.0L, 2.5L saloon, GT6 and Vitesse. I've not idea if the 2.5pi and the TR's used the same friction plate but with a different compound of friction material...this is becoming an interesting project.
  5. TimW

    GT6 Clutch

    Good point. Thanks
  6. TimW

    GT6 Clutch

    So....Next question Do we think a standard, genuine borg and beck friction plate (made in the UK) will take 180bhp and 200ftlb of torque? I'll be using a saab 99 pressure plate and saloon gearbox.
  7. Ok Thanks Nick My information came from a TR forum so hardly a reliable source.
  8. It was Just based on some research I've been doing on the TR forums Nick. If it only applies to A-type then I need not worry I guess
  9. I've read that the TR6 has 8 clutch springs in the overdrive but the 2.0L saloon only had 4 springs. The 2.5pi had 8 springs. I've got a j-type saloon box to put in the GT6. Is there any way of telling if I have a 4 or 8 spring J-type overdrive without pulling it apart?
  10. Great stuff. Do I need to change the backplate from a GT6 one to a saloon or TR6 one?
  11. Thanks Clive A call to Mike Papworth or Tony Lindley-dean is in order I think. I really need to keep my balanced GT6 flywheel
  12. Thanks Clive I'd have thought that a shorter first would put less torque through the diff as it would be easier to spin the wheels so not being as hard on the diff?? I've only broken one 3.27 and that were the roll pins in the carrier that broke. I don't have that issue now with the LSD. Think I've made the decision to fit the saloon box as is. I've now sourced a dolly sprint cross shaft and slave cylinder bracket. The only thing I need info on now is what clutch release bearing carrier to use with the gt6 flywheel and pressure plate??
  13. My brother had a modified GT6 that had a TR6 28% j-type and that apparently had a sprint gearset?
  14. I agree and as I have the 3.27 diff I think itll be ok. Any idea how fast you can get out of it in 2nd? I've checked the saloon ratios 2nd is quite a bit shorter than 2nd in the type 9 box. The type 9 is 1.81:1 but the saloon is 2.10:1.. not a huge difference granted but I do find 2nd a bit short with the type 9 Can I swap and change ratios using a Sprint gearset? I have a lead on a couple of sprint boxes going cheap so thought it may be worth a try as folk fit sprint ratios into GT6 cases and as the sprint box is very similar to a saloon case I was wondering if it was possible?
  15. Genuinely guys I'm not concerned about the short first gear. It's not as short as the type 9 and I have a 3.27 fitted so 1st will be an improvement on my current setup. There's no such thing as a cheap triumph gearbox of any description these days!!
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