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  1. Hi Gary, I have been away for a few days, but all good as as just about to put in the order. Also I will pm you later today. Tina
  2. Hi, Tim Bancroft had outline stickers as the club shop has none at the moment.
  3. Hi Tim, We always take a good stock of Castrol Valvemaster to the start, so I am sure we have enough to go around. Also saves on postage costs if purchased at Knebworth. Look forward to seeing you Friday kind regards Tina
  4. Your correct as we have just only purchased new stock from Castrol a few weeks ago, and Ethanol stabiliser - E5 & E10 was on label.
  5. Hi All, Myself and Andrew will be at the start selling 2021 RBRR polo shirts - Long sleeved fleeces - Castrol Valvemaster/plus and anything else we can fit in the car. If you would like pre-order your RBRR polo shirt to collect at the start, please contact myself or Andrew. Contact details in Club Torque. See you Friday Tina
  6. Polo shirts will be available at the drivers meeting at the cost of £20 along with the 50 years of the RBRR book £10. We also will be selling the rest of the polo shirts at the start along with fleeces, Castrol Valvemaster and other merchandise. Looking forward to seeing everyone Tina/andrew
  7. Hi Mark, Of course its possible, just give us a call today and I will put a polo shirt aside to be collected tomorrow at the drivers meeting. Also the polo shirts are £20. I will message you our phone number. Tina/Andrew
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