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  1. RBRR 2021 - Car 1 - (well nearly all of it) in less than 20 mins. If you like and didn't do the run, please think about donating to the charity via our JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rbrr2020-teamderek
  2. Looking forward to seeing it Jason. Will also bring your 10CR awards. Heard anything from Mr Gair?
  3. All passes requested as at this moment have now been produced and sent, so if you haven't received one through email, please check your spam folders etc, and if still missing and you have definitely requested one, please drop me a PM.
  4. The invoice doesn't contain all of the info required, and means nothing to the marshals at Gaydon, hence. The passes are all prepped, I'm just waiting for some final info from Gaydon to include on the email instructions. Hopefully they'll be out over the weekend if I get a reply today, or very early next week if not.
  5. Hi Ben. Yes still need the car description so it matches the pass for the guys on the gate. Regards Ellis
  6. Hi Howard Just work getting in the way chap. Be with you in due course. Regards Ellis
  7. Interesting... how much did the window replacement cost Darren?
  8. Hi all I can see a fair few people are suggesting they are attending on Facebook, but not many passes have been requested. Be great actually see people for real, and fill our stand to capacity with all your cars. Get your pass request in soon. This will provide you and a passenger with a day pass, parking in the CT Area or public area - you will be directed to one of these two places upon arrival. https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/national-event/
  9. Sorry all, I hadn't realised it wasn't on the forum... although that said, a message was sent to all RBRR entrants via email, so those involved should have seen the message from Tim B (and if not, they need to contact the organisers as their email address cannot be recorded correctly). No decisions have been made at present, nor are they likely to be until August... but if the RBRR is deferred, it will move a year rather than to April as was being suggested at one point. This will in turn mean the 10CR being deferred as well... but as I said no decisions, so nothing further to report. When we have some further facts we'll post an update...  Apols for any confusion.  
  10. I also had found a fair hotel in CM, but jumped at the chance for a medival castle in Sedan.  Look forward to see you all during 10CR. :-)   That's where we're staying as well Nick!
  11. I think they have in fact withdrawn that now Howard, you can own / possess one in Austria without an issue... it's as Dirk says, a minefield of what you are using it for - the simplest advice I can give to stay out of trouble is don't. Portugal on the other hand... hung, drawn and quartered if you even mention the word by the looks of things!  
  12. Thought I'd start a thread to discuss what spares / tools people are thinking about taking. One piece of advice I will give, if you think you have something not right with the car, and you're taking a spare "just in case" - change it before you go!  
  13. Hi Nuala Please ensure when asking questions, you direct them via the email address in the regs, not on the forum for open discussion. Thanks Ellis Table Top Rally Series org team 
  14. As Steve and Howard have pointed already... you will not see the link if you are not a member of the club. If you are, you need to speak to Tony Pulis (Membership Secretary) to get your online account associated with your membership details. Thanks for your interest in the event.
  15. Good spot... yes that is a "taken from previous version"... You will be signing a declaration to say your car is roadworthy and adequately insured etc. at the beginning of the event when signing on. This is all we request. If your car is now MOT exempt, and you have chosen not to voluntarily get the car tested, it's up to you... I for one will be getting my car tested, as I want the peace of mind my car will be safe when throwing it round hairpin bends in the Alps. How much do you value your life (and the others in the car) against saving a few quid? We ALL miss things on cars, so best to get it at least checked over by someone else.
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