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  1. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    I shall send you a message thanks Clive!
  2. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    Ok blue is rusty old standard,black are what was sold as tssc fast road, red are? Tim? It’s low……
  3. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    Wow that’s a bit precise! Easy bits first….. car already has a motolita,poly bushed throughout, 1144 pads, aluminium rack mounts. Im not entirely sure which springs it has…. Some old guy gave em to me? They’re red……… Like the sound of the 13 row cooler…..will it make it faster? Adjustable radius arms are they really worthwhile?
  4. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    No but they look cool with rose jointed ends rather than the rubber 😂
  5. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    I was under the impression Nick that the spax had a lower ….hmm technical term 🤷🏼‍♂️Bit the spring sits in ? And made it sit too low?
  6. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    Do you not have a thermostat?
  7. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    Ok oil cooler as well, what do I need and wheee from…. More importantly, how?
  8. Alex

    Spitfire upgrades

    I’m not overly convinced I need a cooler….in 20 years I’ve only wrecked 3 engines 😏
  9. Ok I’m saying upgrades as I’ve not got a clue what else to call it. Fundamentally there’s nothing wrong with my car… other than things getting tired, like me to be honest this week! Ive decided I want to use my car for the rbr again, last did it in 2016. I'm almost sure it could do it tomorrow but almost isn’t enough. The rear shocks are tired ,the fronts are the same age and make the car sit very low.( Spax all round) The soft top is a mohair that’s shrunk. I fancy some trunnion less vertical links. Id like to fit some decent anti roll bar links. Also it’s got horrid rattly rear wheel barrow silencers that I fitted almost 20yrs ago. I’m thinking of a single pipe exit….. I’d appreciate any views on each of these items. Best sources and perhaps reason why and why not?
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